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Dusting 101

Dusting 101

Let Rainbow Dusters International help you with solutions for the best dusters for your customers' cleaning projects. We have an extensive line of products that will meet all dusting needs.

Lambswool Dusters

These are 100% Australian lambswool dusters. These quality dusters are industry favorites and collect dust like a magnet. These dusters do not streak or scratch. Lambswool traps and holds dust particles for fast and efficient dusting. Rainbow lambswool dusters are very durable and can be washed with soap and water.

These dusters are also great for homes, offices, hospitals, commercial spaces, and institutions. Lambswool is perfect for dusting window blinds, computers, televisions, walls, railings, pictures, cabinets, ceilings, light fixtures, door moldings, etc.

The high quality wool provides more cleaning power than sponges, old clothes, or disposable paper towels. These dusters are not electrostatic and therefore are safe for computers and electronics.

Feather Dusters

Rainbow Dusters provides top quality Feather Dusters that are assembled from ostrich feathers. Feather dusters have been around for hundreds of years and have been the traditional dusting tool. They continue to be effective and popular with consumers because they are very versatile. Rainbow Dusters provides feather dusters that collect dust and hold the particles until they are shaken free.

This duster is extremely functional. Our Feather dusters are ideal for cleaning your home, office, or automobile. This is a great duster for tight spaces.

Feather dusters are soft and supple. They effectively pull dust away from fine objects including plants, bottles, glass ornaments, frames, bookcases, collectibles, and intricate woodwork. This duster will easily adapt to clean in cracks and tight places to ensure a thorough dusting. We do recommend storing your feather dusters in mothballs to ensure that no feather damage incurs. 

Synthetic Polywool Dusters

Synthetic polywool dusters are manufactured from polypropylene fibers. Rainbow Dusters has superior polywool dusters that capture dust through static electricity. This multicolored synthetic duster is great for reaching hard or hidden places or crevices. It will extract the dust with little effort.

Polywool is ideal for cleaning the exterior of cars, interior of cars, stair cases, and hard to reach exterior spots.

This duster is known for its flexibility and adaptability. This is a long lasting, durable duster. Polywool is washable with soap and water.